Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year. Once again, the summer flew by and we’re ready to embark on our new                      adventures! Lessons begin the week of Monday, September 10.


Please make all tuition checks payable to your individual private teacher. Tuition includes 6.5% sales tax.

30 minutes:  $810.00 per academic year

45 minutes:  $1215.00 per academic year

60 minutes:  $1620.00 per academic year  

You may pay in monthly installments of $90.00 (30-minute lessons), or $135.00 (45-minute lessons), or $180.00 (60 minute lessons) at the FIRST LESSON of each month. You may also choose to pay by the semester by making two equal payments of $405.00 (30-minute lessons), $607.50 (45- minute lessons) or $810.00 (60 minute lessons).

The academic year tuition does not include lessons arranged for and taken in the months of September before the lesson schedule begins or in May after the end of the lesson schedule or in June, July, and August.

We rely on your tuition for our income, so we thank you for being prompt with payment!

The one-time yearly student fee is $135.00 per student and is due by

October 1st unless other arrangements are made. This fee covers workshop expenses, accompanist and adjudicator compensation, awards, and other incidental expenses such as printing costs and facility rentals. If you have several children and/or need some time to pay the student fee, please make arrangements with your individual teacher.

Use a separate check for the annual student fee and make the student fee payable to the Black Hills Suzuki School.


We expect all students to attend all functions of the Black Hills Suzuki School, including all Group lessons, Master Classes, Recitals, Concerts, the Annual Workshop, and the Black Hills String Retreat. Chronic failure to attend these activities will almost certainly guarantee that your child will not make sufficient progress to justify the substantial commitment of resources that you have allotted to this endeavor. Please make every effort to make attendance your highest priority. If you have any questions or need information about any of these events, please ask your individual teacher.


The policy of the Black Hills Suzuki School is that lessons missed by the student will be

neither made up nor refunded. Any lesson missed by the teacher will be made up. In the case of inclement weather, assume that lessons, Group Classes, or Performance Classes will be held as usual. If a decision is made to cancel any of these activities, you will be notified.


The Master Class setting is a lesson that is shared by a group of students and parents.

Some classes will be primarily solo performances, while others may be sessions where specific techniques are emphasized with the whole class. Our students, in the majority of cases, will have the opportunity to benefit from instruction by members of our staff other than their regular teachers. So that we can maintain the “class”

atmosphere for every student, please plan on staying for the entire hour rather than leaving as soon as your child has played.

MasterClasses will be offered at 3:45 and 4:45 p.m. on four Tuesdays during the academic year. See the enclosed calendar for specific dates. Students will be asked to sign up for these classes in advance and commit to attending. Students may choose not to attend, but no other lessons will be offered in place of the Master Class.

There will be no individual private lessons on Master Class weeks unless pre- arranged with your teacher for a scheduling issue.

Bring a copy of your music to Master Class, especially if you are playing advanced pieces or any non-Suzuki literature. This will help the teacher make the lesson more specific and detailed.



Group lessons provide an opportunity for motivation, enhanced literature exposure, ensemble playing, review, and technical development, as well as a chance to get together with friends. Dates for Group lessons are listed on the calendar and attendance at all Group lessons is required. In order to be fair to students who faithfully attend Group, chronic absences from Group classes may result in students being asked not to participate in concerts or workshops. There is no additional charge for Group Classes.


Each student will perform on one Solo Recital during the academic year. Individual teachers will schedule their students in the fall for one of the three Sunday recitals. Please be sure to check your calendars and work with your teacher to be placed on a recital. Your child will be assigned a rehearsal with an accompanist during the week before the recital. Accompanists’ compensation is included in your student fee. Each student must provide piano accompaniment music for the rehearsal and the recital. Uniforms are not required for recital performances. Most students dress up for solo recitals. Solo recital dates are Sundays: October 21, December 2, and March 3.


Each year we bring in master teachers from around the country to work

with our students for our Annual Fall Workshop. Students play in their Groups with master teachers in this weekend workshop that finishes with a concert early Saturday evening. Students who participate in the Group classes may also elect to have a master class with one of the visiting teachers. The cost of the Workshop is included in your student fee, but there is an extra charge for a master class if you choose to take this private lesson class. 


2018 Annual Workshop dates: November 9-10.


The Vivace Festival has been a great success in the last seven years. The Black Hills Suzuki School will once again host this festival in May of 2019. Please see the enclosed calendar for the specific date. Just as they have done in the past years, students will pass a series of graded standard repertoire as well as scales and techniques for each level. Students will play for judges and be given written positive critiques of their performances. We hope that this project will continue to foster a spirit of self-competition and excellence in our students. The cost of the Vivace Festival is included in your student fee so there is no additional cost for this opportunity.


For several years, in Mid November, we have been touring around Rapid City and the surrounding area with students from our program generally in grades 2- 8. The Tour has been a wonderful performance opportunity for our students and good musical outreach for other children in our community. Stay tuned for this year’s Tour plans! We are hoping to organize a Tour to Pierre, including collaboration with a fledgling Suzuki program there.


Donna Schoenberner (430-2164) is our volunteer uniform coordinator. Please contact Donna well before the Fall Workshop to get your Uniform shirt. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE, PLEASE! It is not fair to Donna who has graciously volunteered her time to take care of this task. She will provide you with our Suzuki Burgundy Polo Shirt. You are responsible for getting black dress pants, socks and shoes to complete the uniform for your child.


Polo shirts are $15 each for new shirts. They cost less if used ones are available.


Black Hills Suzuki School UNIFORM

              *Burgundy BHSS Polo Shirt

              *Black dress pants Must be dress pants: no jeans, knits, or athletic pants

               *Black shoes (Must be plain black dress shoes, no other color on shoe or laces) 

               *Black socks (Must be black!!! No bare feet at any time)


Solo Recitals, Vivace Festival, Group Lessons, Master Classes and Workshop Classes do not require a uniform.


Black Hills Symphony Season Tickets

Remember that listening to and watching real, live musicians perform classical music is an important part of your child’s musical education. We want our children to understand that playing music is something that we do and will continue to do throughout our lives! We are extremely lucky in this relatively small town to have a Symphony Orchestra made up almost exclusively of community members that is dedicated to bringing a wide and varied range of excellent programs to its audience.

Taking your children to the Symphony will show them what they have to look forward to as they grow and advance in musical skills. Many of our high school students and EVERY single one of your Suzuki teachers is a member of the BHSO and we love to see your smiling faces in our audience. Consider buying a couple of season tickets this year!

Once you have the tickets, you will be much more likely to attend the concerts. The BHSO needs your support so that this orchestra will be there and thriving when your children are ready to perform in the Symphony themselves. See the Suzuki calendar for specific dates and concerts that you and your children can enjoy together.